An Interview with Frank Cepollina, former Associate Deputy Director of the Hubble Space Telescope

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In the NASA community, Frank (“Ceppi”) Cepollina is known as the Father of On-Orbit Servicing — a pioneering practice he helped develop as the Deputy Associate Director for the Hubble Space Telescope. The effort enables upgrades and fixes to telescopes while in orbit, rather than undertaking the expensive task of bringing them back to Earth for regular maintenance.

On the eve of his retirement from NASA, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mr. Cepollina for NASA’s Tech Transfer News magazine about his career, legacy, and the amazing achievement that is Hubble. I also worked with a NASA photographer on the art direction for Mr. Cepollina’s cover photo.

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Every mission that we’ve done has progressed … but with gut-wrenching failures. You have to pick yourself and your team up with solid determination … You have to remember that disappointment is part of invention and part of discovery. Only through these challenges can you arrive at success.

Frank Cepollina, former Deputy Associate Director for the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA