Hello writer-seeker. You’ve come to the right write place. I’m Nicole, and I’m a writer. 

What kind of writer?, you might wonder. I write content that informs and case studies that compel. I write content for the public sector and prose for short fiction. I write press releases and presentations, speeches and success stories. I compose, devise, and tinker… for social media, video scripts, brochures, reports, and more. I interview and research. I fact check and edit. I take written content from concept to complete — whether it’s for a government org or a small biz. Writing on a variety of topics (and for a myriad of markets) helps me stay curious, energized, and excited about my work. 

So truth be told: I can’t call myself just one kind of writer. One of the best things about being a wordsmith is diving deep into a vast world of topics, and I like learning about most things that make the world better and the people in it more connected.

I hope you’re working on some of those things — and if you are, I’d love to work with you. Have a look around, drop me a line, and let’s find out what we can make together.